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 How Much Does It Cost To Add a Dormer Window UK

How Much Does It Cost To Add a Dormer Window UK

A dormer window can give your home more design and personality, as well as more headroom and usable floor space. It can also turn a small attic into a room that is full height and very well.

More people are deciding to convert their loft to increase the size and comfort of their current home in light of rising housing costs and the expense and inconvenience of moving. Although loft conversions have been popular for a while, you no longer have to put up with uncomfortable ceilings and tiny roof windows or skylights.

Instead, choosing a dormer window gives your house more style and personality, increases headroom, maximizes the amount of usable floor space, and can turn a small attic into a room-in-the-roof with lots of natural light.

We will discuss how much it costs to add a dormer window during Home Renovation. So, take a moment and read the following details.

What Is A Dormer Window?

A vertical window with its own roof that sticks up from the slope of a pitched roof is referred to as a dormer. Because it provides views to the outside just like a “regular” window and increases the feeling of space, it significantly improves over a skylight. Dormer designs come in a wide variety and are typically referred to by the sort of roof they have.

Different Variations of Dormer Windows:

Here are some different types of dormer windows that people usually pick according to their choice and preferences. Such as 

  • Flat roof dormer – One of the most common dormer windows in the UK, the straightforward flat roof dormer is among the easiest to construct and frequently adds the most interior space.
  • Shed Dormer – A shed dormer has a single-planed roof that slopes downhill at a shallower angle than the main roof, similar to a flat roof dormer.
  • Gable Dormer – The gable dormer, also known as a gable-fronted or dog-house dormer, has a straightforward pitched roof. It’s a common option for historic homes because it’s typically considered a more conventional and appealing alternative to the flat roof dormer.
  • Hipped Dormer – As with a full-sized hipped roof, where they are typically erected as a complementing feature, a hipped or hip roof dormer has three sloping planes.
  • Eyebrow Dormer – The roof covering of an eyebrow or eyelid dormer curves up and over a low, broad window instead of having sides, making it unusual. This traditional design was first used on thatched cottage roofs in the Middle Ages and looks lovely on the right home.

What Is The Cost Of Adding A Dormer Window?

Considering your attic or dormer loft conversion? A small, dark space can be brightened and made to appear larger by adding a dormer window. Dormer window installation often costs between £650 and £1,250 per window. The cost varies according to the dormer window’s dimensions, style, and material. Also, some factors can affect the cost of your renovation plan, such as

  • Type of dormer window. 
  • Quality and material. 
  • The number of windows.
  • Size of the window.
  • Labor charges.
  • Other additional expenses. 

Simple Budget:

There are many inexpensive options to install a dormer in your loft to open it up and provide more floor space. In addition, smaller dormers are typically less expensive than larger ones, and employing inexpensive materials will lower the cost. 

A dormer at the back of the house typically doesn’t require planning clearance, saving you time and money. A straightforward flat roof dormer at the back of the house, which can be built for about £5,000 more than the price of a typical loft conversion, can convert an unused attic into a new bedroom or office.

Mid-Range Budget:

If you have a little extra money to spend, you can add dormer windows that can improve your home’s overall design. Your property can be unique by adding period-style dormers to cottages, barns, Victorian, Georgian, or modern house styles. 

More expensive materials might be required to match the original construction, and if built at the front of the house, you’ll also need planning approval. However, your home’s symmetry will be preserved, and a pair of matching gable dormers will create a stunning architectural element. They can be matched by your designer to the building’s current architectural design and finishes.

High-End Budget:

When money is no object, customized dormer windows can enhance your house as part of a loft conversion or elsewhere with an outstanding feature. For example, a huge Nantucket dormer or an eyebrow dormer could be placed above a full-height corridor, depending on the design and era of your home. Then, when you welcome guests into your home, this will boost the light and sense of space and create a wonderful first impression.

The Bottom Line!

Therefore, these are the definition, types, and costs of adding dormer windows in the UK. You can visit or contact BUON Construction experts if you want high-quality material at a reasonable cost range. They will give you a wide range of choices.

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