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How Much Do Kitchen Benchtops Cost Uk

On the market, a wide range of kitchen benchtop materials are available. However, engineered stone is the most preferred material for Kitchen Renovation. Crushed stone that has been bound with an adhesive is what makes up an engineered stone. It can be made from a wide range of natural and synthetic materials, including granite, marble, quartz, polymer concrete, and many others.

In this blog post, we will learn about how you can renovate kitchen benchtops and what the cost will be charged. So, take a moment and read the following details. 

An Overview:

The phrase “heart of the home” refers to the kitchen, which serves as a gathering place for friends and family and a place to create priceless memories. So it also makes sense that the kitchen is constantly a top priority for renovators, bringing this heart of the home back into the contemporary period.

There are various kitchen countertop choices to suit any budget in the UK, with a wide selection of options accessible to renovators, ranging from lower-end laminates to mid-range stone and beyond into ultra-luxurious marble and granite finishes.

What Is The Price Of A Laminate Worktop?

This durable material has been a dependable option for decades; it is affordable, comes in a wide variety of colors and designs, and occasionally even gets mistaken for stone. For higher-end laminates, prices start at around £30 per square meter and go up to £80 per square meter. 

Solid laminate, which starts at about £150 per linear meter, can be an excellent choice if you’re searching for a high-performance option. These laminate worktops are watertight and incredibly strong.

Laminate Worktop Uk

What Is The Cost Of A Wooden Benchtop?

Why not choose a wooden worktop if you want the coziness of a timber finish for your kitchen? If properly maintained, it can have antibacterial properties and will be much easier on your hip pocket than other materials at about £100 to £200 per square meter.

What Is The Cost Of A Stone Worktop?

The good news is that there is a produced sort of stone that fits within the basic worktop budget for people who want to decorate their kitchen with the current trend, stone.

Quartz is a popular option for kitchen worktops and falls into the mid-range price category. Mid-range quartz choices typically cost between £175 and £450 per square meter.

What Are The Costs Of Stainless Steel Worktops?

Stainless steel is a new trend that is emerging for mid-range worktop prices. At over £450 per square meter, this departs from its conventional home in the industrial kitchen and provides a long-lasting, hygienic finish.

Stainless Steel Worktops Uk

Costs Of Polished Concrete Worktops?

Another common option in the high-end pricing range is polished concrete worktops. It may be created with various textures, colors, forms, and inlays to bring a distinctive feel to your kitchen. Super strong and beloved by individuals who have an industrial impact on their houses. 

Although concrete is a cheap material in and of itself, due to the labor-intensive manufacturing process, expect to pay up to £400 per square meter for this tabletop finish.

What Is The Price Of A Granite Worktop?

Granite is a durable, naturally occurring stone with an eye-catching exterior. Granite’s price depends on various criteria, including the thickness, color, height, and size of the kitchen (for a sink, taps, etc.). You may expect to pay around £700 per square meter for premium ranges.

What Are The Costs Of Marble Worktops?

For those looking for a natural stone surface for their luxury kitchen, marble, which is renowned as the pinnacle of high-end worktop finishes, offers a distinguished option. The grade of the stone, its scarcity, shipping expenses, and whether it is book-matched will all affect the price. However, it can vary based on those factors. 

Depending on size, depth, needed cutouts, and other factors, the price of a marble tabletop can range from £500 to £600 per square meter, with Calacatta being one of the better slabs.

The Bottom Line! 

Therefore, BUON Construction is always available to help you if you would like to talk about your home renovation options for your next renovation project. Please complete the form on this page to provide us with your contact information. We will contact you at a time that works for you to discuss your project.