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Elevating Your Home: House Renovation with Buon Construction

As a homeowner, you are often busy upgrading your property. Renovations enhance the comfort and appearance of your space. Moreover, it raises the resale value of your property. Buon Construction can help you design a plan for your necessary renovation that can significantly elevate your living.

Floor – It All Begins Here

One of the foremost considerations revolves around knowing the type and look of the floor you want. Commercial flooring serves as an exceptional choice for businesses as well as homes. If you are looking for a house floor prone to traffic and spills, our commercial flooring is likely a tailored solution for you.

Commercial flooring comes with various options, including designs and styles. Be it an exceptionally modern design, a traditional or a vintage look, or something in between, we have got you covered. Buon Construction offers top-tier and highly reliable suspended flooring solutions in the form of tiles and cost-effective concrete floor installation services for your homes across the UK. Our service includes epoxy floor paint application, concrete polishing, staining, grinding, floor preparation, and more.

Tiling – Aesthetically Approved Look

A home is not a home without tiling. They represent an incredibly efficient and versatile mode of decoration. When it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, tiles are a necessity. However, tiles have also made their way into the living rooms in today’s modern designs. Options in designs, patterns, colours, shapes, sizes and tile types allow people to uniquely decorate every corner of their house. 

As Nottingham’s prominent tiling company, we provide exceptional tiling services to your residential needs. Our team comprises skilled professional who excels in tiling material, including ceramics, natural stone, glass and metals. We take a customised approach to every project because we understand the importance of personalisation. Whether you are considering the installations for your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or any other space, our team is dedicated to offering timely, quality service.

A Welcoming Pathway

Creating a well-defined welcoming pathway to your front door is essential for aesthetics and practical purposes. People often choose pavers, stepping stones, black stones, or gravel to create a clean and clear route. The pathway can further be maintained with greenery and subtle decoration to infuse visual allure. 

We offer block pavement solutions that are both enduring and captivating. Blocks are arranged according to your preferred selection pattern, often featuring colours to enhance vibrance. Our block paving driveways are engineered to match the standards, ensuring durability. We assist you in deciding the optimal solution to meet your expectations for a welcoming pathway.

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen takes centre stage while planning a home renovation to elevate the appearance and standard of living. A well-planned kitchen with an accommodating design and attractive style enhances desirability and mental satisfaction. Buon Construction can blend functionality, maintenance, fashion and art to renovate your kitchen. We recommend you choose countertops and flooring materials that are also easy to clean and attractive. Energy-efficient and matching appliances always give the kitchen a wholesome look.

Prioritise the layout and flow of the kitchen to maximise the utility. The storage solutions, like drawers or pantry cabinets, improve organisation and ensure easy maintenance. For a small kitchen, Buon Construction plans layouts that are innovative and space-saving.

Open Living Space

Open and wider living rooms offer ease of conducting different activities and gatherings. We design an open space for you and advise for modular furniture that can be rearranged for multiple purposes. Designing rooms that serve several functions, like a home office that can easily be converted into a guestroom, is the best option to maximise the space.

Trendy And Clean Bathroom

The bathroom is the most functional space in your home. It needs to be a comfort zone where you can feel pampered. We can redesign your bathroom by adding unused space near it to give you a spacious and luxurious area. Clean lines and design to soothe your eyes suit the purpose of your bathroom. As we excel in wooden work, our construction will make your bathroom cosy, modern and charming. Our team can add wood near the shower or any wall to make a bathroom look perfect. Lastly, patterned tiles, mixed colours, and modern design are all available within our tiling services. 

Residential Fencing

Fences play a vital role in your home, offering privacy and security and enhancing your home’s outlook. Even if you have a small property and limited outdoor space, we can tailor minimal and subtle fencing to suit your place. Moreover, our fencing deals are very reasonable, and the material used in fencing can last years. Our fencing options include wood fences, chain link, steel/aluminium fences, wrought iron or any customised fencing.

Final Note!

Home renovations are the pivotal actions to enhance the value of your home. You might hesitate to spend money on renovations, but once done, you will realise you have added to your profit in terms of living and reselling. If you aim to add such value to your home, Buon Construction provides budget-friendly ideas on modest renovations within your home. Experience our expertise in our gallery section and contact us to choose a better living.