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Converting a garage into a living room in the UK

A garage conversion UK might be a fantastic alternative if you want to expand your home without expanding your property. When it comes to parking the car, a garage often serves as a dumping ground and is never used to its full potential. Instead, you may add square footage to your home and raise its worth by expanding an existing room or turning your garage into an additional room.

In this blog post, you will learn about how you can convert a garage into a room, garden, or living room in multiple effective ways. So, take a moment and read the following details. 

Where To Start The Process?

You must consider the garage’s worth to your house. For instance, it might be more advantageous to keep your garage as a secure spot to park a vehicle if you reside in a neighborhood with parking restrictions or zones.

Converting your garage, however, might give you and your home additional living and storage space if you have enough room to park your car on the street or in your driveway.

Choosing the new room’s purpose is the first step in the process. Could it be a media room, a study, or a bedroom? Is there enough room to carry out the desired tasks?

What Is The Time Frame For Converting A Garage?

Once construction work starts, garage conversions can be finished very quickly. The time it will take to convert a single-car garage will depend on the design of the present one. From the garage to the living space should take three to six weeks.

How Much Does It Cost To Convert A Garage?

The price of converting a garage into a room UK varies based on the details of your garage space. Santander, meanwhile, calculates that the average garage conversion, including plastering and décor, costs about £6,300. So a garage conversion should cost between £5,000 and £10,000.

This is far less than the typical loft conversion cost of £30,000. So even though the price will go up if you decide to convert a double garage, your house is still predicted to gain more worth as a result than it did at first.

Benefits Of Converting Garage:

Generally, there are countless pros to converting a garage into a room or anything. Some major and common benefits are mentioned below.

  • Design roles and responsibilities – When you convert a garage, every stage of the design process is in your hands, subject to practical and ethical limitations.
  • Added bonus – In most circumstances, converting a garage into a usable space increases the value of your property more than it costs.
  • Council taxes – If you upgrade from a three to a four-bedroom home, your council tax band may increase. Bands of the council tax are unchanged by a garage conversion. 

Is It Necessary To Get Planning Approval To Convert The Garage?

Although there are some exceptions, a garage conversion often doesn’t need planning permission because it is inside. For instance, you could require planning clearance if you wish to expand your garage, make it bigger, or significantly change the appearance of your house. However, before beginning any work, it is best to consult the planning department of your local government. Additionally, you must be sure to adhere to construction codes.

The Bottom Line!

Therefore, these are the common things that must be considered before converting your garage into a living room. That is how it will help you to work accordingly. Still, if you want any help, then you must contact construction experts. 
Here at BUON Construction, we provide high-quality storage units in various sizes. If you’re going to convert your garage and need a place to store your stuff while work is being done, you may need a long-term storage option.