Painting and decorating services

The necessity of high-quality paintwork is recognized by our team of fully qualified painters and decorators. Our painting and decorating services are available for both commercial and residential properties. We've provided skilled and dependable painting and decorating services before.

Plastering and screeding

We offer high-quality work, meticulous attention to detail, on-time completion, and skilled plastering and screeding. Our upgraded services, which include plastering and screeding services in the United Kingdom, provide an exceptional quality of professional and clean finish.

Suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings, when professionally built, can improve the appearance of your office while also providing a valuable space for concealing unsightly wires and installations, and we make it look lovely for you.

Lighting installations

Our lighting installation services can brighten up your office. Buon Construction's team of electrician’s experts in lighting installation to help you get the style you want in your business

Suspended flooring

Buon Construction delivers the greatest and most dependable suspended flooring product in the form of tiles, as well as concrete floor installation services on your office floor at affordable costs throughout the United Kingdom.

Floor finishes

Our flooring services include the application and installation of epoxy floor paint and polishing, concrete stain, concrete Grind, coating removal, floor preparation, non-slip floors, and more.

Office partitioning

Within the United Kingdom, we specialise in commercial office partitioning services. We provide the most cost-effective and dependable office partitioning and soundproofing services, including aluminium office partitioning and frameless glass partitioning.

Plumbing work and repairs

Buon Construction can assist you with maintaining the greatest possible condition for your property. We provide plumbing services and repairs for your office, ensuring that it operates at a high level. Our Plumber services can handle any type of problem that requires immediate attention in order to remedy it, whether it's a new installation or replacement.


To ensure that your foundations are safe and stable, we have an experienced and competent groundwork crew with highly qualified builders. Strip footings or foundations, piled foundations, and other options are available.


In the United Kingdom, Buon Construction Services specialises in installing and maintaining commercial drainage systems. We have a competent and experienced drainage system construction team; if you are having problems with existing drainage system or want to establish a new drainage system, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Buon Construction specialises in designing and installing unique driveways. Your office's curb appeal is critical. It's for this reason that a personalised driveway can boost the value of your office and set you apart from the competition.

Car Parks

Can provide high-quality parking spaces for all sorts of vehicles using professional construction and an experienced engineering staff. Customers from all around the United Kingdom use our car park design and construction services.

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