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 Bathroom tile trends 2022 UK

Bathroom tile trends 2022 UK

If bathroom tile trends in 2022 UK are making one thing clear, it’s that plain white subway blocks just aren’t cutting it anymore, there are now new trending tiles for bathrooms. Having long been the default for modern renovations, this year interior designers are mixing floor tile bathrooms up, ditching the plain and ordinary for bathroom tiles that burst with personality. 

When thinking about bathroom floor trends in 2022, I’m noticing clients being bolder, thinking less about boring neutrals and more about what will truly make them smile at home. Today’s bathroom tile trends aren’t just about making the most of your space they’re about making it your space.  And that’s why bathroom tiles are in a unique position to give you an edge on your next renovation; more dynamic than a fresh coat of paint, tiles can change the very surface of a room, creating depth and transforming the way space feels. It’s why interior designers are now favoring tiles that break the rules, tiling more surface area than ever before with rich textures, vivid colors, out-of-the-box layouts, and a little bit more fun.

Our Tiles Services Include

Searching for and getting access to a quality service provider is not always easy, but don’t worry Buon Construction has made it easy for you. We are providing professional and quality Tiling services to our customers at reasonable rates. We will provide a wide variety of tiles, with different categories, colors, textures, and designs. To avail of our services, you are just a click away. Our service providers are highly skilled with rich experience in the field. They are available to serve your needs. We believe in:

  • Strong values
  • The satisfaction of our clients
  • Quality of services 
  • Ease and comfort of our clients
  • On Time service
  • Quite reasonable rates

Tiles areas

We have tiles for all types of areas, whether it’s for interior or exterior house space.

  1. Wall tiles
  2. Floor tiles
  3. Bathroom tiles
  4. Kitchen tiles
  5. Outdoor tiles

Bring the outdoors in

Ceramic and porcelain are the best options when it comes to outdoor tiling as both have high durability and can easily deal with all kinds of temperatures without losing their beauty. Buon Construction has a wide range of sizes, surface finishes, colors, and designs in Porcelain and Ceramic tiles, that conform to high-quality standards of durability and aesthetic values. The varied and elaborated aesthetic aspects of the outdoor floor tiles offered by Buon Construction will satisfy all types of aesthetic requirements. Moreover, outdoor tiles ensure harmony with indoor floor tiles aiming at creating perfect continuity between spaces.

We offer you a range of outdoor ceramic tiles that will help you to transform your exterior spaces so that they become more pleasant and welcoming. Outdoor tiles are suitable for all outdoor uses, that is they can be used both for a garden and a balcony, but can also be laid on exterior floors and walls. Indeed, outdoor porcelain tiles are perfect for laying on terraces and pool areas thanks to their technical qualities including their non-slip properties. Therefore, exterior floor tiles meet the requirements of any type of application. Considering the wide aesthetic variety of outdoor ceramic tiles, whether these replicate wood, stone, or concrete, each collection will be able to give a unique and refined style to your exterior. Whatever your design style is, if it is classic, rustic or modern, or minimalist, there is a wide range of available choices. For a more natural look, you can choose stone look tiles that put a noble touch to exterior areas, or wood effect tiles that create a warmer atmosphere. If you prefer more contemporary and industrial tiles, concrete effect tiles reproduce the characteristics of concrete and transform your outdoor space into a modern universe.


If you love natural materials, clean lines, and clutter-free spaces and are often attracted to minimalist design, love Nordic furniture, and appreciate the art of Japanese functionality, then you’re going to love Japandi. Get Japandi aesthetic look from Buon Construction for your space. We are indeed providing a hybrid interior design trend that combines design elements from two different horizons: Scandinavia and Japan. If you are looking for a style that is minimalist and cozy, balanced yet warm, Japandi-style interiors are what you are looking for and Buon Construction will create a true haven of peace for you. Because we know what you want and know that we are professional in what we do. We are providing natural designing tiles, which are perfect to achieve the japandi look for your home. From bathrooms to kitchens to family rooms or any other living space, our natural designing tiles will help you quickly give a visual direction to a japandi-look. We will embrace the Japandi trend while making creative decisions that will last years in your space!

Be bold with color

Bold colors are a more general trend for the home as we begin to embrace braver and bolder design choices. We have been working with bold color tiles as well.

We know very well that working bold-colored wall tiles into your decor is a dramatic way to make an impact. If you are looking for such an impact on your space, look no further than Buon Construction. Our bold-colored tiles will inject an energetic feel into your space, the right colors will spruce up interiors and give the cheerful ambiance that you are looking for. Bold colors can be combined with unique patterns, prints, and geometric tile designs to add impact and punch to your interior style. Dare to be different, be bold, and have fun with your interiors. We have all the bright and bold color tiles, that will stand out, making a real impact. Visit our website to explore our bright and bold tiles collection or you can contact us as well. we have a wide variety of colorful bright and bold tiles for you to decide which color pallets may appeal to your dream interior designs.

Patterned tiles

  • Patterned tiles are well and truly back in style, and we have to say, they now are more beautiful than ever. Patterned floor tiles are a great way to add some personality to just about any space. From bringing life to the patio to providing elegance for the bathroom, our contemporary patterned flooring range is sure to have something you’ll love. Pattern floor tiles can bring a room to life and there are so many different styles and finishes available. From traditional hallways to seriously contemporary bathrooms, there’s a tile to suit every style. Here you’ll find an array of utterly gorgeous patterned tiles in a range of colors, sizes, and styles. From Moroccan to Victorian, Geometric to Groovy, we’ve got all your decorating dilemmas covered. We love experimenting with ways to include patterns in designs. Patterned tiles are a great, easy way to create a unique take on classic styles.  Whether you go completely random or attempt to color-match your tiles are up to you, but if you choose the latter, Buon Construction can help you Need some more information? Contact us right away.  Buon Construction patterned floor tiles come in a variety of designs and can make your space look stylish, contemporary, traditional, or natural, depending on your preference. Pattern tiles are easy to clean and require less maintenance. They can withstand heavy foot traffic and are resistant to stains, scratches, water, acid, and chemicals. We have different types of Pattern Tiles;
  • Brick pattern tiles
  • Black and white patterned tiles
  • Wood tile patterns
  • Moroccan tile patterns
  • Square tile patterns

Period meets modern

Old meets new in this interesting bathroom trend that deftly combines different design periods. We’re predicting that modern/period will be a big one for bathrooms going into 2022. This trend is about how you successfully combine the two styles; traditional with modern. We have floor tiles to suit any budget and style. If you want something between traditional and modern, we have that as well. Time and time again we hear customers say that they want to achieve a modern aesthetic from their bathroom renovation, but unless you’re an interior designer by trade, it can be difficult to know which tile choices will help you create the look you’re after. But here comes Buon Construction. Fortunately, you don’t have to be worried about that, because we are here to help. While there are so many different tile options that will suit modern bathroom designs, we have stand-out tile designs that we know work wonders in creating a modern bathroom aesthetic. We are offering tiles that are now featured in one of the most modern designs tiles. 

  • Concrete Look Tiles
  • Encaustic Look Tiles
  • Timber Look Tiles
  • Terrazzo Look Tiles
  • Subway Tiles

We have a range of modern tiles with multiple colors, textures, and types and highly versatile options for you.

The Spathroom

The bathroom is a space in the home that should serve as your very own sanctuary. It’s a place where you can unwind and escape from the stresses of everyday life and refresh for the day ahead, which is why it’s important to take into consideration your overall interior scheme especially if you’re about to embark on a brand-new bathroom makeover. So, to help you on your way, Buon Construction has pulled together everything you need to know on how to achieve the dream spa-like scheme, from bathroom tile choices to how to accessorize. To start with, it’s crucial to clear the clutter from your bathroom; a clean and clear space will transform the area and open it up for a new lease of life. Once you have done this, you can then start looking at the kinds of colors you want to incorporate. Nature-inspired shades are a particular favorite as they open up the room and create a light and calming ambiance.

You can incorporate these colors through tiles, paint, and even furnishings, to set the overall mood of the interior. Equally, mixing these elements up will result in an aesthetically pleasing bathroom that exudes a spa-like feel. The textures you use are also an essential part of creating a spa aesthetic. To achieve the perfect atmosphere, consider incorporating elements of stone and wood as this will bring an elegant yet earthy feel to the room. Buon Construction has a stunning selection of natural stone-effect and wood-effect tile options that are the perfect choice if you want the practicality of porcelain or ceramic with the beauty of natural materials.

Why Choose US


Our goal is to deliver the highest quality work. Tile and stone are specialty products, and our staff is trained in every aspect of installation. We are committed to helping make this portion of your project as beautiful and long-lasting as possible.

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